My Sunday for a Song! The Wave Pictures – “Lisbon”

I like this. It’s not the greatest song on the planet ever, but it does have a sort of… band-that-you’d-listen-to-in-a-club kind of feel to it.

Have an awesome Sunday, awesome people.


My Sunday for a Song! Nancy Sinatra – “These Boots Are Made For Walking”

Yes, alright, it’s an oldie. But a goodie. And I love the video, which reminds me of this post by The Oatmeal.

Have a fun Sunday, funpeople! Funeaple? Peofunple? Whatever, make it work for you.

My Sunday for a Song! Carsie Blanton – “Backbone”

I first became aware of Carsie Blanton’s work via the Twitter feed of the gorgeous Amanda Palmer, which directed me to Carsie Blanton’s (now over) Kickstarter campaign. I really love Carsie’s stuff – the sweet voice, the eloquent lyrics, the souped-up nod to musical tradition – it feels fresh, which is not something I say a lot. Here’s another one for you to enjoy. Have a lovely Sunday, lovely people.

My Sunday for a Song! – “Lal Dupatta” from Mujhse Shadi Karogi

It’s probably impossible to grow up in South Africa and not be somehow aware of Bollywood. In between the Saturday afternoon Bollywood movie, Eastern Mosaic on Sunday mornings and Lotus FM, quite a lot of Indian pop culture tends to percolate through. I thought I’d share one of my favourite songs, Lal Dupatta. It’s my happy song – so light and breezy that it’s quite irresistible. Hope you’re having a happy Sunday, happy chaps!

My Sunday for a Song! Mother Falcon (Tiny Desk Concert)

OK, so if the idea of a chamber-rock band makes you all wobbly inside, this is twelve minutes of your life that might be worth spending glued to the computer screen. Personally, I love it. Nay, I think I might adore it. It’s the middle of the night and it’s only with extreme difficulty that I’m not running down to the convenience store to buy iTunes credit.

May your Sunday be this gloriously jazzy and subtle and beautiful, beautiful people.

My Sunday for a Song! Arctic Monkeys – “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”

Slightly NSFW, so be warned. I’m not usually a huge fan of the Arctic Monkeys, but I really like how this captures a certain zeitgeist of our age, plus that feeling that anyone who has ever been out drinking at 3:30 am may be able to relate to. Have a super Sunday super people, and remember: friends don’t let friends drunk-text.

My Sunday for a Song! Villagers “Earthly Pleasures”

I super dig this song, but I’m in two minds about the video, which one one hand feels almost too literal and amateurish, but on the other hand is sort of suitably twee. I’m not totally sure, but I’d probably recommend not watching it while listening to the song.

Have a fun Sunday, fun people! (Funday, funple!)

My Sunday for a Song! Feist X Timber Timbre “Homage”

Every now and then, I run across a song that stops me in my tracks, literally arrests my attention and silences everything around me. That first hearing is always glorious, before the song sinks into the slush pile of background music, to be brought out from time to time on occasions of appropriate emotion. This is one of those songs. I don’t know if other people will feel the same way, but either way, have a beautiful Sunday, beautiful people.

Short Story – The Silence of Wings

Author’s note: I’ve been a bit obsessed with CATS and theatre lately and I suppose a bit of Grizabella and Gus the Theatre Cat may have leaked into my brain. Anyway, enjoy.

The Silence of Wings

Tonight, he tells himself, is no different from any other night. Thirty-five years of the smell of resin and dust and sweat. Thirty-five years of the heat of stage-lights on his skin and make-up and costumes in various degrees of ill-fitting.

And thirty-five years of standing here, in the dark echoing silence of the wings, looking out on the pool of light where reality is happening, waiting for his cue.

His fingers brush the thick material of the legs, soft as a moth-wing and quieter. The legs are the vertical curtains that hide the wings, he has explained to neophytes and non-theatre friends, though the number of the former has increased over the years, and the number of the latter has shrunk almost to zero. Because they don’t understand this, he tells himself. This womb-darkness, this silence. Standing in the wings waiting to be born, watching for the moment, saving his breath and his energy for that single leap into the light and into the story. Continue reading

My Sunday for a Song! Jake Thackeray “Molly Metcalfe”

OK, so here’s the story of how I found this. I’m a huge Terry Pratchett fan. Slightly fanatical. In one of his books, The Wee Free Men, he mentions the Yan Tan Tethera, an old counting system used by shepherds. On a whim, I googled it the other night and found this video, which a) imparted me with wonderfully useless knowledge and b) introduced me to the music of Jake Thackray, which I had never heard before. And boy oh boy, am I enchanted. I imagine him as a sort of modern-day troubadour, a strange uncouth poet with his lugubrious voice and stern face and beautifully worded bawdiness, so beautifully delivered in pure Yorrrrkshirrrre. Have another, and also a beautiful Sunday.