North America Trip: Last Bit of NYC, First Hint of Toronto

Bit of an image-heavy post – so sorry about that. I decided to be brave this trip and only bring along the iPad – from a carrying perspective it’s worked out OK, but from a photo-editing and blogging perspective… well, there’s still a part of me that’s kinda cringing. Nonetheless. Sorry for the radio silence – I shall now continue to recount my adventures. Onwards!



Went to Midtown with my friend Niki to check out MoMA. Major-league rubbernecking for me. New York’s architecture is dizzying and almost inappropriately beautiful considering the density and what a relatively young city it is. I love that. South Africa doesn’t have a lot of beautiful architecture and with the exception of really old temples and whatnot, Japan has almost no beautiful architecture. But New York – just beautiful.

We managed to catch MoMA on a free entry day (sponsored by Uniqlo! I’m happy the many thousands of dollars I’ve spent there over the last few years are being put to good use!). It was insanely crowded, and we decided to skip straight ahead to the really famous stuff on the top floor.

I pretty much entered every room with saucer-eyes and a drawn-out, “Woooooow!” MoMA is home to the icons, the paintings I used to stare at for hours in encyclopedias and art textbooks. The Van Goghs and Picassos (ALL the Picassos) and Rousseus and Matisses and Renoirs and how BIG they all are and how magnificent! It was kind of unreal, but in the best possible way.

I was unshocked by the guy in flannel pyjamas, but I was initially pretty horrified by the laissez-faire attitude on taking photos – and flash photography was happening (I found it terribly ironic that a guard completely ignored this but barked at me to wear my backpack on my front >_<) On one hand, as a photographer, I feel like this is kind of awesome – you can interact with art in this breathtaking, unaccustomed way. But on the other hand… I don't know if I get it, really. Sculptures maybe. But paintings? What are you going to do with your shitty iPhone photo of Starry Night? What's the point of it?

Anyway. I got over it eventually and took a picture of this cute Picasso statue, just to see how it would feel.

So… yeah. MoMA was pretty good. We went out for amazing Neapolitan pizza and caught some improv comedy at a thrilling little Tiki bar – it was nice to imagine what life might be like as a young 20/30-something New Yorker.

And then off to Toronto in the morning. I got bumped to an earlier flight (ooh yeah baby) and basically spent the whole time staring at the countryside unfolding beneath the plane. And then we landed.

DUN DUN DUUUUUUuuuuN! Tune in later for more.


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