North America Trip Day One: Hong Kong

Not all those who wonder are lost. Sometimes they’re looking for a Starbucks because it’s really really early and facing Hong Kong airport without much sleep is really quite a lot to ask of a person.

I’ve been really bad at blogging this year. I’ve been in training to become the understatement champion of the world. Not really. I just haven’t – let’s leave it at that.

But now I’m travelling and if there’s ever been a really good excuse to start back up, this is it.

Right now I’m in Hong Kong. It’s very different from Japan. It’s full of pushy people (no really guys, please respect my personal space) and guys with DSLRs taking bad pictures (I know this because of what they’re pointing them at – taking random shots of airport boarding gates or a hundred flash shots of two people talking is unlikely to produce a hot picture.) [Addition: as I’ve been writing this, this annoying teenage boy has been lolloping about in that awkward chicken way that most boys going through puberty seem to have about them, taking sneaky shots of the girls sitting opposite me with what looks like a Canon. Little shit.]

I had a 17-hour layover (I do seem to get those a lot), so I stayed here overnight – stayed at a swanky airport hotel which was really delightful until I couldn’t work out how to turn on the showerhead. I would have called someone, but I was in a hurry – needlessly, as it turns out. Nonetheless, I think I look and smell fairly good considering I washed under the bath tap, which was about 30 centimetres from the bottom of the bath. Fun times.

Aforementioned swanky hotel room (offending shower not pictured):


Last night I thought about going out and interacting with the locals (or at least other human beings), but they keep warning people about bird flu (or avian influenza, let’s be formal about it) and there are a lot of people who sneeze without much in the way of, say, a hand in front of the mouth. It’s not exactly encouraging. (Also on that note, what is up with Chinese men just belching like nobody’s business? At Nagoya airport I sat next to this Cantonese guy who let out the most incredible series of low, rattling burps – uuuurrrrrp, uuuurrrrrp, uuurppp, uurrrrrrrrp, he went, and immediately fell asleep. I was dumbfounded.)

Flying out soon. Will keep you updated.

The entire extent of my Hong Kong sightseeing:




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