New Year's Shrine Lanterns, Osu Kannon

New Year’s Shrine Lanterns, Osu Kannon

Alright, so it’s been kind of a sketchy year blog-wise. In fact, for all the opportunities and free time I’ve had this year, it’s been kind of a sketchy year in terms of creativity. Oh, I completed a novel for NaNoWriMo. I got a lot of practice taking photos of people, which is basically the subject I would most like to be good at. I even got my first paid photography gig. But somehow I still feel really unsatisfied with my creative output for the year.

It’s sort of got me thinking about what circumstances best promote creative output. My immediate instinct is to say free time, or at least time that you have control over. One of the most frustrating aspects of my previous work situation was having to spend hours and hours of inactivity at work without the freedom to engage in activities that I felt would be productive.

But as I’ve discovered this year, free time just isn’t enough. What you really need is stimulation, as well as a little bit of stress. And people. People who give you ideas, people who give you constructive, detailed criticism. And at least one or two people who shamelessly stroke your ego, because artists might be able to go without food or income but it’s really, really hard to go without praise. (My tongue is firmly in my cheek here.)

So here’s my resolution for this year: I’m going to write the shit out of everything. I’m going to take pictures EVERY DAY, or at least three times a week. I’m going to say yes to invitations, even though I’m an introvert and it’s actually pretty difficult for me. And I’m also going to say no to invitations, because this year my priority is to write, write and write some more. I’m going to get involved in “Projects”. I’m going to travel more, listen more and watch fewer TED talks. (!) SO THERE. Twenty-fourteen, which incidentally is my vision acuity measurement. LET’S DO THIS THING.


One thought on “Twenty-Fourteen

  1. Happy New Year! For the record, I’ve been amazed by your writing in 2013 and am looking forward for things to come in 2014.

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