My Sunday for a Song! Two Trees – “Home”

Discovered these guys this week on Twitter. (Who knew? Twitter can be useful for more than just hearing about Stephen Fry’s ongoing feud with the British press and getting Alain de Botton’s twee messages of the day in batches of seventeen at a time!)

I think there’s something in the water in Sweden that magically turns a really high percentage of the population into incredibly wonderful musicians. (No, stop thinking about Abba. I’m talking about The Cardigans, Peter Bjorn and John, First Aid Kit, jj, The Perishers… um… Roxette… Ace of Base… let’s stop now.) ANYWAY. My point is, Sweden has produced a lot of kickass musicians.

Two Trees are clearly still a young band and I’d love to see more of their stuff and watch as they mature, but I really like the smooth peacefulness of this track and will be keeping an eye on their future progress.

Have a smooth Sunday, delightful people.


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