My Sunday for a Song! A Hippie Twofer

Oh, fine. Here’s what I’m listening to today.

Bibio’s À tout à l’heure from his upcoming fourth album (buy links under “About” on the original YouTube page). I really like the video. I think it’s tacky and occasionally visually boring but I like the hipster simplicity of it, and I guess it’s better than setting your music to footage of a plastic bag in the breeze.

And next up…

EVERYBODY KNEW ABOUT FIRST AID KIT BUT ME. How is this even possible? Even if they’re basically ABBA minus Benny and Bjorn, I just adore these two. This song is lovely and haunting and child’s fairy tale, and it’s just so damn quaint and gorgeous that I can’t stop listening.

— Edit — OK fine, ABBA if they weren’t intent on being famous and had been bjorn fifty years later.

Have a super Sunday, superpeople.


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