My Sunday for a Song! Sting – “I’m so happy I can’t stop crying”

(Do yourself a favour on this one – please ignore the godawful video. Just listen to the words.)

Sting is the ultimate balladeer. (Is that even a real word? IT IS NOW.) Sometimes he wanders into dodgy musical territory, but if there’s one thing he’s really, really good at, it’s lyrics. And this isn’t even one of his best songs. Hell, it might not even be one of his better songs. But it’s a good song that elegantly illustrates a subtle emotional change, tells a beautiful story in three minutes.

What I’m saying is, Sting isn’t just the province of semi-intellectual 40-somethings. He’s really amazing.

Also, for the benefit of certain people (you know who you are!), I would like to state categorically and finally that Sting is not Paul Simon.

And this is one of his best ones:

Have a beautiful Sunday, beautiful people.


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