It’s Christmas, so we’ll stop

Well, it’s Christmas Eve. Looks like this year won’t be a white Christmas. Funny how it seems so right, given that I’ve gone through almost my entire life without them. And just like I always do at Christmastime, I find myself thinking about those dark and sad and lonely and nostalgic things that tend to hide themselves throughout the rest of the year.

Oh, I’m not saying I feel depressed about Christmas. But somehow it’s a time of year that seems to be strangely powerful, a magic climactic time, a sort of mental deadline. Maybe it’s all those silly romance films that climax with a declaration of love on Christmas Eve, who knows? Somehow I’ve never managed to shed those childish habits of anticipation, and I spend most of the last six months of the year looking forward to Christmas. And when it comes and goes, it’s always a little bittersweet as I think about the year gone by and the people gone by and the transitory nature of happiness and togetherness.

This song by Frightened Rabbit is probably one of my all time favourite Chrismtas songs and encapsulates all the beautiful, lonely things about this time of year; all of the tentative hopes; the incongruous way we can put things aside because “it’s Christmas”, and who even knows what that means? But somehow it’s something we all understand. It’s Christmas, so we’ll stop.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, beautiful people.


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