My Sunday for a Song! Sixto Rodriguez – “I Think of You”

OK, Rodriguez was one of the great mysteries of my childhood. And so I’m going to tell the story like I know it. Don’t bother to correct me if I’m wrong.

The music of Rodriguez had cult status in South Africa, at least among a certain kind of individual with vaguely hippy inclinations. We all knew the words of Sugar Man; it was even covered by a horrible band called Just Jinger*.

But no one knew what had happened to Rodriguez. He was just this magic guy who’d let out two amazing albums and then disappeared off the face of the earth. I remember being told the story of Rodriguez when I bought a copy of his album After the Fact. It was this huge mystery.

And then, apparently, one day his daughter was on the internet and she discovered that Rodriguez had this cult following in South Africa, which he had had no idea about. And no one in South Africa knew he was still alive. And it turned out that he’d just been… going on with his life.

— Edit —

For the record, he’s from Detroit (I think). He never made it big in the States, but according to Wikipedia he once ran for office there and they spelled his name wrong on the ballot.

And the mystery of Rodriguez was solved. The End.

Still fucking awesome music though. Have another.

May your Sunday be full of exciting mysteries, beautiful people.

* Whose main feature was the lead singer’s green-tinged dreadlocks.


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