NaNoWriMo Progress Report – 86%

… and my goodness, are the last 7,000 words proving tough.

Having stayed well ahead of the target word count for most of November, the last week has seen me falling down to being a mere day or two ahead.

The problem, however, is that my story has… run aground. Like a ship that’s simply run out of sea. I feel like I have another two or three thousand words in me, but after that…

… and then I realized a few things.

The first is that I’m bad at ending stories. I feel like this is something that applies to real life as much as writing, but it’s particularly worrisome to reach the end of a book and realize that the planning you did in the beginning (and then it’ll just… end) was not very detailed and is in consequence not very useful. You want to end with a bang, something memorable and exciting. I need to work on that.

The second thing is that I am personally finding my novel a bit boring at the moment. When I think of the plot I find myself thinking, yeah? So what? It’s kind of hard in terms of being motivated to write more.

The third is that, in general, people’s advice sucks. I’m not saying this applies to everything, but if you’ve never written/ finished NaNoWriMo, it’s pretty hard to understand (and therefore say anything sensible about) the process of writing. On the other hand, I’ve been finding the pep talks on the website pretty helpful and inspiring.

In a way, I’m a little scared that I might not finish this novel, BUT I think I’ll be OK. I’m looking forward to having a social life again in December (and for goodness’ sake, getting some use out of the D7000) and then deciding whether to revise my current project or start something new in January. Anyway. A luta continua.


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