Foreign food store haul analysis

Bottled water, Christmas-themed serviettes, Cote d’Or chocolate, rosemary, mead, tarragon mustard, Betty Crocker’s cake mix, pitted Kalamata olives, sliced black olives and dark chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds

We live in a pretty rural part of Japan. It’s not impossible to get imported foods, but it’s difficult enough that our occasional visits to the foreign food store in Nagoya are a real treat.

Tonight’s haul includes cake mix (because the packaging made me forget my love-hate relationship with baking), two types of olives (let’s not be judgmental about the pitted ones, I can’t find an olive pitter here for love or money) and MEAD.

The Hubster was mostly keen on the mead (it wasn’t cheap). We’ve been curious about it for ages and have considered trying to make some (historical research), but this stuff, in a stone bottle with a barely-legible label and cork, seemed to barely belong in this century, let alone a Japanese foreign food store. It was too charming to resist. We will sample and I will duly report back.

— Edit —

Oh, also: I am very enthusiastic about Christmas and already making plans.


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