The point is… there is no point.

I feel like my creative phase has come to a rude and abrupt halt. Lately I’ve been back to staring aimlessly at computer screens for hours and desperately, repeatedly clicking Stumbleupon in the hopes of finding something inspiring. I’ve been longing to take out my camera but I can’t remember my last free weekend (when I wasn’t stuck to the mattress). All in all, it feels pretty disappointing.

I think there are a lot of reasons for feeling creatively stuck. I feel pretty stuck in my current work/ life situation and I really, really need a change before my sanity empties the bank accounts and absconds. Secondly, I tend to be my own harshest critic, and sometimes when you read/ look at your own creative efforts and seeing how horribly amateurish they seem in comparison with your favourite authors/ artists, it’s terribly disheartening.

Sometimes even the creative exercises fail you. I tried a five-minute stream of consciousness the other day, and spent about 04:37 with my fingers poised over the keyboard feeling utterly gormless. Then I typed a sentence or two and it was like… really? If that’s my stream of consciousness, we may be in bigger trouble than I thought.

So… I don’t know. If you’re a creative soul reading this, what works for you? How do you fix it?


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