Long Weekend Lazies

This weekend: went to Nagoya, bought a metric craptonne of stuff, spent some time with my beautiful friend and her beautiful baby, spent some time trying to learn about electronic music creation, did some cleaning, wrote two blog post drafts (neither of which are ready to be posted yet), worked on a presentation for Friday (very difficult topic and I’m having suuuuch a hard time getting the tone right!), played some computer games, started making up a song and cooked Japanese food for the first time in foreeeeever.

I love long weekends. I wish that every weekend was a three-day weekend, and really there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be, if we organised our society a little better (cough Ken Robinson cough).

Anyway. As I said, sadly the blog posts I’ve been working on aren’t ready to be posted yet. But in the meantime, enjoy this amazing video from Gotye, who has perhaps the awesomest back screen of any live performer ever.


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