Writing Exercise Freeform Poem


This summer is floating in a chrysalis

Tight-folded wet dark insect wings

Inert, but waiting, a shape that is flight.

The world beyond the chrysalis is a pale blue void:

A once-mattered thing is this world outside

Reduced to a haze of singing waveforms

For now all is inside: wrapped tight as a gift

The distillate of generations and millennia

A story of survival though not yet born

Here infinity disguises itself.

This is the result of the writing exercise I mentioned in this post. For what it’s worth, the original phrase was

Call the mats tatami. Tatami rooms are


One thought on “Writing Exercise Freeform Poem

  1. Lovely! By the way, I have a request for an upcoming post: For 3 minutes (or however long you desire), type whatever immediately comes to mind. I’ll give it a try:

    Scented railroad clowns suck Winston Churchill from the syndicated bowels of Siberia unto which clouds do the tango in red panties of destiny, no, no, the rumbling, omniscient panini cross examines the priest from whence he belched, wearing a vintage toilet seat ironically.

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