Link Trawl! Bent Objects, Camel Hair Art and Super-realistic Painting

Bent Objects by Terry Border is a super awesome photography blog in which Terry Border adds wire to everyday objects (food, cards, fortune cookies) and basically personifies them. I was the kid who spent hours finding faces in the carpet, so this stuff is more or less one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Next up are the breath-taking super-realistic paintings of Jeremy Geddes. They’re creepy, surreal and beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of the modern art world (modern as in recent, not modern art), mostly because there’s too much emphasis on obscure rationales and not enough on actually being good at making art But Jeremy Geddes’ stuff is amazing. Check it out.

And now, finally, for my favourite thing this week: camel hair art. Yup, you read that right. Look, and be amazed. And you said camels were never cool…

Also, I hadn’t planned on posting this but I just came across it in my YouTube history and thought I should go ahead.

In her TED talk, Elyn Saks very courageously talks about her harrowing experience with mental illness. It’s well worth a watch.


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