Link Trawl! – Origami, Art and Blowing Shit Up

I haven’t had much of a chance to post in a little while. Not coincidentally, I also haven’t spent much time browsing the intertubes for fun stuff to share, but I have found some good stuff, mostly thanks to other people sending me links. Hehe. So here is some of the linky goodness. I be sharing.

First up, the most seriously freaking amazing origami ever. Really. Joel Cooper’s origami blog features his breathtakingly elaborate creations that somehow manage to blend art and geometry. Go check out his store on Etsy and buy something. For realz.

Second up is This is Colossal, an art blog. I have no idea how and where they manage to find so much beautiful, thought-provoking art, but I never come away from there feeling less than amazed.

Thirdly – and this was a This is Colossal find – I’ve never really considered getting a tattoo, but if I did, I would probably want to move to Berlin so that I could have it done by Peter Aurisch (warning: potentially NSFW. Thar be boobies.) There is a brilliant Roald Dahl short story called Skin that involves an artist tattooing his work onto a man’s back, and when I saw Peter Aurisch’s work, I could finally envision that. It’s incredibly beautiful stuff and makes you really think about the idea of living art.

And finally, here is an Old Spice Devastating Explosions page. It probably says bad things about my psyche, but I find it a wonderful form of stress relief. Let’s not be judgemental here šŸ™‚


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