Link Trawl! Homes, furnishing and slang

First up today is desire to inspire, a cool and interesting blog that features numerous different cool and interesting living spaces. Most people who are well-off and aren’t interior designers only get to decorate a house once or twice in their lives (if that!), but that doesn’t stop us from being fascinated by what other people with taste and money do with the interiors of their homes. Awesome! I am particularly taken with this home, which fills me with a mix of inspiration and covetous delight. Look at the shower! Gorgeous!

If that gets you into the home-decorating mood, check out Their tagline is “Find unique products and stores you’ve never heard of“, but it should be “Like Etsy, but with better stuff“. Not that I don’t like Etsy, but it’s hard to compare with deep-frying portable grills and moon-star pendant lights. Love much?

When you’ve sorted out your beautifully decorated home and are trying to maintain it or keep it clean, here are some excellent tips from The Daily Buzz on cleaning scratched wood, storing wrapping paper and bobby pins, growing lettuce etc. Check ’em out!

Lastly, here’s an awesome website on Slang in the Great Depression. Hit the books, schlepper! There’s lots of slanging to be done!


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